Why We’re Going To Rent A Luxury Car In Barcelona


My wife and I are traveling to Europe next year for our anniversary trip, and we are going to definitely need the help of a Barcelona luxury car hire company. Most of our trip is preplanned and even part of tour group itineraries, so our meals, transportation, hotels, and site-seeing are all taken care of for those weeks. However, we plan on freestyling it on our own the last bit of the trip in Spain.

luxury-carhireMy wife is very fluent in Spanish, so she feels comfortable traveling around just the two of us without a formal tour company. We’ve done similar things in Mexico and many Latin American countries. It’s come in quite handy in exploring Caribbean islands that aren’t overrun by American tourists because English is spoken there.

We’re going to start in Barcelona and spend a few days in that city driving around in amazing sports cars, and then who knows? We want to just see what our mood wants and go from there.

I do know that we’ll probably need a luxury car rental in Barcelona rather than a regular car, and for a couple of reasons. For starters, I know that conventional European cars tend to be smaller than what we’re used to here in the States. For two grown adults with luggage, used to an SUV at home, we’d like a little space. As for the luxury car bit, it’s our anniversary trip, so why not be classy and comfortable? The whole point is to splurge some.

I also personally believe that high-end luxury cars tend to be a bit safer and with sturdier construction. I don’t plan on getting into an accident, but I’m also cognizant of the fact that we’ll be on the other side of the ocean. She and I both have our International Driver’s Licenses and are studying Spain-specific rules of the road, but better safe than sorry if something happens.

It’s also been my experience that luxury cars are just easier to drive. From more options to adjust seats, steering wheels, and mirrors, to handy things like digital gas mileage estimators and rear view cameras and in-built GPS, luxury cars have bells and whistles that not only make driving easier, but in fact fun, and I would like to have some fun on the vacation and share that like Apex in their G+ posts. This is especially true since I’ll likely do most of the driving in exchange for my wife doing most of the translating.